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This section provides information for everything to do with Education & Learning in Saint John, for children and teens, as well as adult learning.

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Saint John Educational Services Directory

Saint John Childcare

Here are some featured daycares and dayhomes for children in and around Saint John.

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Saint John K-12 Schools

Here are some featured K-12 schools (including public, private, and religious) in and around Saint John.

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Saint John Tutors

Here are some featured education & tutoring services in and around Saint John.

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Saint John Colleges

Here are some featured post-secondary colleges providing general or specilst education in and around Saint John.

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Educational Resources & Links

Saint John Educational Resources & Links

Middle School, With Bikes our front

This section covers various issues relating to education of both children and adults, and includes links to a wide variety of educational resources.

FoundLocally's images are free for educational use by teachers and by students.

Saint John Lesson Plan Ideas

Middle School, library and resource centre

We have developed a sample lesson plan for teachers in Social Studies and for E.S.L. (English as a second language) and E.L.L. (English language learners).

We WELCOME teachers to grab this Word document and improve it or customize it for their needs. We will be pleased to publish all customizations here to share with teachers across Canada.

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