Saint John Travel: Top 10 List Travel Tips

Here are our top recommendations for those planning international travel:

  1. Check the latest travel advice for your destination and subscribe to receive free e-mail notification each time the travel advice for your destination is updated. Travel warnings & advisories (US Government)

  2. Take out appropriate travel insurance to cover hospital treatment, medical evacuation and any activities, including adventure sports, in which you plan to participate. Check with your employer's health plan or Blue Cross for coverage you may already be entitled to. More info

  3. Before travelling overseas register your travel and contact details online or at the local Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate once you arrive, so we can contact you in an emergency. Canadian Embassies & Trade Offices abroad. You can also register your travel with the Canadian Government

  4. Obey the law. Consular assistance cannot override local laws, even where local laws appear harsh or unjust by Canadian standards. All they can do is assist in getting legal representation.

  5. Check to see if you require visas for the country or countries you are visiting or transiting. Be aware that a visa does not guarantee entry.

  6. Make copies of your passport details, insurance policy, travellers cheques, visas and credit card numbers. Carry one copy in a separate place to the originals and leave a copy with someone at home.

  7. Check with health professionals for information on recommended vaccinations or other precautions and find out about overseas laws on travelling with medicines. Contact a travel medicine clinic or your physician at least six weeks before departure for an individual risk assessment. Some countries require proof of HIV testing, if so you should have the test conducted and obtain the results before your trip.

  8. All Canadian travellers, including infants & children, must have their own passport. Make sure your passport has at least six months validity (in case of hospital stays, for example), and carry additional copies of your passport photo with you in case you need a replacement passport while overseas.

  9. Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with someone at home and keep in regular contact with friends and relatives while overseas. Let them know to contact Canadian embassies abroad should you lose contact, and if notified of a change in departure dates from the original itinierary. More Info…

  10. Before departing Canadians check whether you are regarded as a national of the country you intend to visit. Research whether holding dual nationality has any implications for your travel.More Info..

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